Renting the Cambridge Tennis Club

We welcome your interest in renting the Cambridge Tennis Club. This idyllic clubhouse, with 1930’s Scandinavian architecture, is available from March 20th to October 31st. The renter must be a member of the Tennis Club or the Skating Club, or be sponsored by a member of either club.

A $500 security deposit is due upon acceptance of the application. The clubhouse may be rented for private parties at an hourly rate of $200, with a minimum of two hours. Non-members, groups, or organizations may rent at $300 per hour, also with a minimum of two hours.  A $50 setup/trash removal fee applies to all rentals. The club also requires a certificate of insurance which you can obtain from your homeowner’s insurance agent for personal events and can purchase from most insurance agents for corporate/organizational events.

To rent the facilities, please contact the General Manager at to verify that the day and time you would like are available.  We also advise reviewing a copy of the rental form here.