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Hello CTC Members,

Such great fall weather!  Here are some of the latest happenings at the CTC:

Senior Men’s & Women’s Doubles (60+)

Registration is still open for the Senior Men’s & Women’s Doubles tournament.  The tournaments that have been held so far this year have been a great success with players and spectators enjoying some fantastic tennis.  The event will be held the weekend of October 2nd-4th and the registration deadline is September 25th.  Please contact Liz Herbert to register:

Club Directories Still Available

Please don’t forget that the pre-ordered directories are at the front desk waiting to be picked up.  We also have some spare copies if you did not order one but would like to purchase a copy.  The cost is only $5!  The directory can come in handy if/when you need to contact someone but are not sure of how to get in touch.  The directory is an excellent item to have in your tennis bag, especially if you are a new member.  The directory also has all of the club rules and very useful information about tournaments, tennis lessons, dues, fees, etc.

Get Your Game Tuned Up!

Looking to improve your backhand or increase your first serve percentage?  The club has an incredible staff of instructors who can help you fix those trouble spots before the outdoor season is over.  Those of you who are prepping for your upcoming tournament match may find that having a lesson or two particularly helpful.  If interested, contact the Program Coordinator, Mary-Ann Matyas:

Racquet Repair Services Available

If you want your racquet to take care of you then be sure to take care of your racquet.  If you have been playing multiple times per week for the past few months, then a fresh set of strings could be a big help.  Remember also that the handle is your connection to the frame, so having a tacky grip that feels good in your hand is just as important.  The club can help you with both and a list of the options can be found on our stringing chart.  Just stop by the desk and drop it off for a 3-day turnaround.  Only $5 additional for a 24-hour rush job.

Dampeners Have Arrived

Customized CTC dampeners have arrived!  Some of you are owed one from the tournament and others of you may purchase one for just $3.

Exiting the Club

Please be sure that after you are done playing that you exit through the back gate.  We still seem to have a small minority of members who are leaving their court and heading back out through the front entrance.  You may leave through the front entrance if you have ridden your bike to the club or if you have some business at the desk to attend to, but we want to minimize the potential for members to have any close contact with each other.  Your adherence to this policy is greatly appreciated.

As always, if you have any questions, please reply to this email.

– The CRAFT Management Team