2020 Tournament Schedule & Details

Member-Guest Tournament

August 1, 11am – 4pm

Member Tournaments

Men’s Singles and Women’s Doubles (open, all ages)

September 11th-13th

(sign up by September 4th)

Women’s Singles and Men’s Doubles (open, all ages)

September 18th-20th

(sign up by September 11th)

Mixed Doubles (open, all ages) and 125+ Mixed Doubles (125+ combined age)

September 25th-27th

(sign up by September 18th)

Senior Men’s Singles and Senior Women’s Singles (60+)

Self-scheduled with Finals on September 27th

(sign up by August 3rd)

Senior Men’s Doubles and Senior Women’s Doubles (60+)

October 2nd-4th

(sign up by September 25th)


  • DEADLINES: Sign up by Sunday, August 9th for all tournaments except Senior Women’s events.  That deadline is July 13th. Minimum number of entrants per draw is 4.  Maximum is 32.

  • SIGN UP: More details soon!

  • TIME: All tournaments will take place over a weekend (Saturday-Sunday) with play planned from approximately 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. both days except for Senior Women’s events which have a rolling draw.

  • COST: The cost for each player is $30 ($60 per team) which will include a minimum of two matches, a can of balls for each tournament match, a light breakfast, lunch, and prizes for winners.  Rain dates will be scheduled as necessary.  All entrants will be charged the full entry fee regardless of any change in scheduling, unless the entrant has removed their entry a minimum of 14 days before the tournament date.  All members, including junior family members, are welcome to participate in the tournaments.

  • FORMAT: All tournaments will be single elimination with a consolation draw for first round losers.  Thus, all players/teams are guaranteed at least 2 matches.  However, in the event of scheduling issues, main draw matches will take priority with consolation matches spilling over into subsequent weekends and/or self-scheduling at at club pro’s discretion.

    The tennis club pro staff will be onsite during all tournament play and will determine the best format for each round (such as pro-set, ad or no ad, and possible tie-breaker in lieu of a third set). Specific format will be based on number of entrants and court availability. Club pros will be available to assist in the event of any concerns or issues related to play (rules, etc.)

  • RAIN DATES: In the event of inclement weather, the club pro staff will determine the best plan for rescheduling.

  • NOTE: Every effort will be made to have courts available for non-tournament playing members throughout the weekends.  However, we encourage you to participate or at least come by and watch and join the festivities!

  • BOOKING TOURNAMENT MATCHES: Court bookings may be made seven days in advance by calling the club.  The club can accommodate a maximum of two Prime Time Tournament courts total per evening.  Please note that booking a tournament match in Prime Time counts toward one’s weekly Prime Time limit.


Call Us: 617-354-0303

Mailing address: 40 Willard St. Cambridge, MA 02138

Note: The club was founded in 1954 and presumably has held some tournaments every year since. We know that there were years in which only a few tournaments took place. In 2005 the club held only one tournament. A complete record of club tournaments is nowhere to be found. We have been able to piece together an incomplete record and we are posting it here on the website to acknowledge tournament winners. We need help in filling in the record. If you can fill in any of the blanks, please contact Joe at the club or by email.